Deer Lodge Operational Stress Injury Clinic (Winnipeg)

Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre

The Laurel Centre (Winnipeg)

Addiction Foundation of Manitoba (AFM): Programme information

US Center for Disease Control data base for ACE Study publications

US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association

Aces Too High: A website dedicated to linking information from various sources to explore the impact of childhood abuse and its prevention

US National Institute of Health: A source on national initiatives and links to research

National Center for PTSD: Veterans Affairs

Trauma Justice Resource Institute (Boston): Source for information/research on developmental PTSD, treatment options, including yoga and neurofeedback

Institute for Health and Recovery (Cambridge, Massachusetts): Offers a template for developing trauma informed organizations

Coalescing on Women and Substance Abuse: A site for projects focusing on women trauma and substance abuse

Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Addiction

Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse

Mental Health Commission of Canada published a report on the national state of mental health service

Canadian Department of Defense: sources on operational stress injury

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention; find a list of national crisis centres here


Links to Key Individuals in the Trauma Field


Lisa Najavits (trauma and substance abuse)

John Briere (compassion from a Buddhist perspective and trauma treatment)

Christine Courtois (treatment for complex trauma and dissociation)

Dan Siegel (neurobiology of attachment, mindfulness and trauma)

Babette Rothschild (body focused treatment for trauma)

Ron Siegel (Trauma treatment and mindfulness)

Rick Hanson (neurobiology of mindfulness and wellbeing)

Zindel Segal (mindfulness and relapse prevention for depression)

Faculty at The Centre for Mindfulness Studies

Marsha Linehan (Borderline Personality Disorder treatment)

National Institute of Mental Health

Paul Gilbert (neurobiology, shame and developing self-compassion)

Christopher Germer (trauma therapist, developing compassion)

Kristin Neff (researcher, developing compassion vs self esteem)

Sandra Bloom (Sanctuary Model; Trauma Informed Organizations)

Downloadable Practices and Resources

Research Links

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds

Affective Neuroscience

Mind and Life Institute

Stanford University-CCARE (compassion training)

University of Pennsylvania, Promoting Mindfulness in Education; teachers, students and parents

Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education

Mindfulness in Schools

Center for Mindfulness in Healthcare, Life and Society

University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing

Greater Good Science Center; the Science of a Meaningful Life

Martin Brokenleg; Reclaiming Youth International


"Everyone has a right to have a present and future that are not completely dominated and dictated by the past" - Karen Saakvitne