Emotional Well Being

  • What do you do to create or enhance your quality of life?
  • What do you do in a day that is important to you and that makes you feel better about the day or yourself?
  • How do you manage stress and cope with difficult emotions?
  • How do you take care of yourself? What gives you pleasure?
  • Do you notice and pay attention to when you are feeling good or do you only pay attention and notice when you’re feeling bad?

Psychological Well Being

  • What gives your life meaning, purpose and/or a sense of direction?
  • What choices and efforts do you make so that the world around you meets your needs?
  • How does it make you feel when you do?
  • Do you feel comfortable in expressing your own ideas and opinions?
  • What parts of yourself do you most like and value?
  • What experiences have challenged you to grow and become a better person?

Social Well Being

  • Who are the people you have trusting warm relationships with?
  • Do you believe that people are basically good?
  • Would you like to strengthen these relationships?
  • Do you believe that people, society and you can change? What are your beliefs about people in general?
  • What do you do to contribute to society?

Spiritual Well-being

  • Do you let yourself day dream and imagine without placing limits on your dreaming?
  • Do you claim time to sit quietly with yourself?
  • Do you ask yourself what your essential beliefs are for meaning in life? Do you let yourself play aimlessly?
  • What is hope for you?
  • What are the safe places and people in your life, people or places that can strengthen your life meaning?
  • Do you stop, look and listen?
  • Do you have rituals and practices that keep you in touch with yourself and a core meaning?

"Everyone has a right to have a present and future that are not completely dominated and dictated by the past" - Karen Saakvitne