What Can I Do for My Loved One?

  • Become informed about trauma and its effects
  • Validate your loved ones feelings, whatever they may be
  • Practice patience, understanding and compassion – for your loved one and yourself
  • Never place blame on the person who has been traumatized
  • I appropriate, encourage your loved one to connect with a therapist
  • Plan for crisis situations – get help if the person is suicidal
  • Accept that there may be changes in your relationship as they heal
  • Respect the time and space it takes to heal
  • Avoid forcing cheerfulness on them
  • Do not force forgiveness of others on them
  • If your loved one was abused, it is normal for you to feel anger but try not to overwhelm them with it
  • Do not patronize – acknowledge your loved one’s strengths and ability to survive and heal

"Everyone has a right to have a present and future that are not completely dominated and dictated by the past" - Karen Saakvitne