Psychological well being can be divided into six components:

  • Self Acceptance – a positive self concept and ability to acknowledge both the positive and the negative aspects of ourselves.
  • Positive relations with others- having warm, satisfying and trusting relationships with others.  This includes being concerned with the welfare of others, an ability to display empathy, affection, intimacy and compassion.
  • Autonomy – Self determined and independent, being able to resist social pressure to think and behave in particular ways, to know and abide by our own individual standards and values.
  • Environmental Mastery- an ability to take advantage of available opportunities and shape our surroundings to adequately meet our own needs without restricting the freedom and opportunities of others.
  • Purpose in Life- having and pursuing goals, feeling that life has meaning and having beliefs that give life purpose.
  • Personal Growth- continually developing ourselves, recognizing our own potential, welcoming new experiences, and being able to change ways that demonstrate an increased sense of self-awareness and effectiveness.  Being curious.

"Everyone has a right to have a present and future that are not completely dominated and dictated by the past" - Karen Saakvitne